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FireKing Baking

– The fire that fuels our passion

A 200k SF artisanal Wholesale bread and roll manufacturing facility, producing hand-crafted original bread products.

Award-Winning Products

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– We strive for excellence

We’ve been the recipient of multiple awards for excellence, innovation, and company growth.

Our Mission

– We bring the fire

Fireking Baking Company is committed to bringing the art of European style breadmaking to restaurants, foodservice companies and retailers across the nation. We achieve this by using traditional flours, whole wheat grains, and ingredients like fresh herbs, fresh eggs and cheeses to create breads and rolls, delivered fresh and frozen daily through a national distribution network. Our mission is to provide high-quality, artisanal bread to our customers while staying true to our roots and continuing to innovate in the industry.

Good Things Come to Those Who Bake

Good Things Come to Those Who Bake

Greg Acerra remembers waiting for the bus in the Guidance Office one day after school. At the time, Greg, a Dorchester native, was a junior at Xaverian Brothers High School and had just began to think about what he would do after graduation. Out of the corner of his...

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The Spark to Our Fire 

We produce bread and rolls that meet the demands of today's consumers. The ever-increasing cost of food has created a more focused expectation that quality is backed into every loaf. Starting with quality ingredients including fresh whole eggs, fresh whole milk, hand-stripped fresh herbs and fresh vegetables, we produce bread that consumers recognize for this quality appearance and taste. Our breads communicate that quality is center of the plate in both foodservice and retail.

  • Our breads and rolls put quality at center of the plate.
  • Fireking rolls and bread look, feel and taste like they've been baked in-store.
  • Artisanal bread produced at scale.
  • Tree nut, peanut, and sesame-free facility